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Raised Access Flooring – Not Just for Data

One of the more unique offerings under the Carlson Commercial Services umbrella is the raised access flooring.

As we’ve talked about in the past, raised access flooring is a great method for hiding cables that otherwise would be sitting above-ground and make for tripping hazards.

Not surprisingly, the birth of raised access flooring came from the data industry, where a multitude of cables needed to run undetected and in an environment away from potential damage.

Since then, however, raised access floors have quickly been adopted by a multitude of industries who use the technology for a multitude of purposes. Yes, cabling is a huge part of RAF builds, but there are other components that can come into play, not the least of which is in-floor heating or cooling systems. These don’t just apply for core temperature either – rather than forcing air through overhead vents or blowers, an energy-efficient alternative is to have your air stream upwards through ducting in your floor.

Of course, there are multiple other reasons for raised access flooring, but the bottom line is that raised access flooring has multiple advantages for your Winnipeg business.

To learn more about Carlson’s raised access flooring services, contact us today.

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