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Swimming Season is Just About Here

Winnipeg has emerged from the deep freeze, and with it will come the shopping season for swimsuits.

Swimming is one of Manitoba’s most popular summer pastimes – the lure of the waters to manmade enclosures or natural bodies is too much to resist, especially when we only have a couple months where we don’t have to swim and then run as fast as we can through a freezing outdoors to a hopefully warm car.

For Winnipeg pool owners – from community clubs to hotels – this means that there’s going to be a lot more traffic coming your way. Whether you have a pool indoors or outdoors, both will be seeing a lot of action very shortly, and it’s imperative that your pool is ready.

This is where Carlson Commercial Services comes in. We’re able to provide you with high performance coating that stands up to the rigors of treated water, protecting your pool space from what could be severe water damage.

If you are concerned about the state of your pool and would like a consultation by Carlson Commercial Services, contact us today.

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