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Make Your Walls Writable With Clear Coating Paint

Looking for new and innovative ways to decorate your walls? At half the cost of an actual whiteboard you can turn your walls into education centers with writable paint.

Whether latex, oil, acrylic or other forms, painting and decorating is one of Carlson’s signature Commercial Services.  We can expertly provide your building with a custom paint job that will beautify your space.

Writable paint is used on some of the most successful companies walls from around the world.  Applied like any standard paint, to virtually any surface desired, it will turn the space into a dry erase creative play space.  Let’s throw out the old and paint in the new.

As leaders in the commercial and industrial painting industry, we continue to build upon a long tradition of integrity, excellence, and profitable growth. We maintain our competitive advantage by developing innovative solutions to unique problems.  Call us today for more information at (204) 233-0671 or be email here.


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