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Setting the standards in Industrial Painting

When the Carlson Commercial and Industrial Painting Services go into a job site, we do our planning so we  know what surface we are working with to determine if it receives an industrial coating or commercial paint job.

Painting over an existing surface isn’t as simple as using our equipment – be it brushes or spray-on applicators – in one shot; instead, a surface has to be properly set in advance of our work.

Consider, for example, what you would do in your home if you were preparing to paint a new room – would you just slap paint on a surface? More likely you would do some prep, at the very least do a sanding job to remove as much of the original paint as possible.

The same applies at Carlson. We prepare a surface for our work, which  could include processes such as power washing, sandblasting and even inspection for mold or mildew.

When you’re picking your company to work on your building’s interior or exterior, pick the company that will provide you with the most extensive work on your paint project and give you guaranteed results.

For more on Carlson’s commercial paint services, call us today at (204) 233-0671.

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