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Properly Installed Raised Access Flooring


One of the many services that Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services provides to Winnipeg businesses is raised access flooring.

Raised access flooring essentially gives you space between the floor an office sits on and the “actual” paved construct that is part of your building. This space is used for a few reasons, namely letting systems such as heating and electrical run out of view of you and your clients’ office space. Think of it like this – would you want to work in an office where wires are running at your feet or overhead? If not, then this is where raised access flooring comes into play.

While raised access flooring in Winnipeg is fairly common, proper setups can be a bit more of a challenge; that is, if you’re not working with Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services. After all – the point of a raised access floor is that middle word – access.

One of the greatest advantages of raised access flooring is a technician can go into a system and be able to diagnose and repair a problem. Having a space that isn’t spaced well or inaccessible can cause problems and put your system down longer than you would like. On top of this, a raised access floor not properly set can detract from the look of your office, where, as we all know, presentation is key.

To learn more about Carlson’s raised access flooring services and for your commercial or industrial business, contact us today!

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