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Painting Basics – general painting preparation

Concrete Floor Painting - Carlson Commercial Winnipeg

Did you know that concrete floors are being painted rather than sealing the bare concrete floor. Homeowners are requesting it for their garage floors and business owners are requesting the application in their warehouses.

One of the reasons why these floors were traditionally left without a paint finish was the amount of wear and tear they receive. So, it was difficult to find a solution that would stand up to the expected traffic, and if any applied paint finishes it would peal off of the surface.

The key to preventing these problems from occurring is to properly prepare the surface of the concrete prior to painting, and the use of the correct paint for the situation. Taking the time to properly prepare the surface will help ensure the final paint job will look uniform and last a long time.

At Carlson we have the painting experience in concrete floor paint applications for both the residential and industrial applications. We also have the equipment necessary to clean and prepare those surfaces so that the paint is able to adhere to the concrete.

Paint can provide a great new look and finish when it is done professionally and properly, and by a company with the kind of experience that we can provide.

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