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Painting Basics – The Preparation Checklist

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Setting the standards in a good paint job is not necessarily the painting itself but the prep work that went into that project.

Before you start any paint project you must properly prepare the surface area that you will be painting. Our certified and trained professionals range from Level 1 to Level 5 painters and will always properly prepare every project.

Here are just a few samples of how you can prepare your next project.

Cleaning the surface area. This includes taking a sponge and wiping it down and removing any dirt, dust, scuff marks, and oils. Without pointing out the obvious, this would also include removing the content from the walls such as picture frames. light switch plates.

We need a smooth surface. This includes possible patch works so removing the picture frames there must be a nail holding the picture, right. Let’s patch that hole because painting over it won’t fix it. For larger holes let’s make sure we use a drywall repair kit, or connecting with a contractor if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Let’s cover everything we don’t want painted. Let’s get some rolls of plastic or a large tarp or an old bed sheet and let’s cover the floor. The last thing we want to do is tear out the carpet because we got paint on it. Which leads to the importance of checking your feet before walking out of the painting area.

To tape or not to tape, that is the question. The most experienced painters with the steadiest of hands still use tape. On the other side of the coin many certified journeyman painters refuse to use tape because they know how to use the brush and have perfected a straight crisp line without tape. When it comes to the spray gun, taping and covering is an absolute necessity.

Here at Carlson Commercial we proudly employ Certified Journeyman painters and registered Apprentice painters. They are fully trained and qualified in all methods of painting and decorating, and are expert brush, roller, airless spray and conventional spray applicator. We have a strong commitment to ongoing education in painting techniques as well as environmental and workplace safety issues.

For more on Carlson’s commercial paint services, connect online or call at (204) 233-0671.

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