Our state of the art chemical tanks are made with superior quality.  At Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services we provide fiberglass services to the most demanding applications found in industry. From small to large volume tanks, piping and ducting and custom products found in today’s manufacturing and service industries. Continue reading

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In November 2014 Carlson held its 75th anniversary celebration.  It held a silent auction for the pink fiberglass tank shown above, with all the proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research.  The winner of the pink tank was David Stern Executive VP & General Manager of Polywest Ltd. Continue reading

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Looking for new and innovative ways to decorate your walls? At half the cost of an actual whiteboard you can turn your walls into education centers with writable paint.

Whether latex, oil, acrylic or other forms, painting and decorating is one of Carlson’s signature Commercial Services.  We can expertly provide your building with a custom paint job that will beautify your space. Continue reading

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One of the many services that Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services provides to Winnipeg businesses is raised access flooring.

While raised access flooring in Winnipeg is fairly common, proper setups can be a bit more of a challenge; that is, if you’re not working with Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services. After all – the point of a raised access floor is that middle word – access. Continue reading

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Abrasive blasting also known as sandblasting, is a common method for those who fabricate products made of metal to clean a surface or remove contaminants.  This process ensures the coatings bond permanently to any surface.

The most important part of sandblasting is being properly trained so the job is done right and safely.  Exposure to, and inhaling silica can cause silicosis among many different illnesses and without properly being aware of the substances that silica is found in, can lead to serious health problems, and in some situations, even death.  The professionals at Carlson have provided abrasive blasting services in Winnipeg for 75 years and for a variety of companies and locations. Continue reading

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Welcome one and all to 2015.

The year that lies ahead is going to be a busy one for your Winnipeg business, and amid the chaos of a rushed start to the year you may forget about the work you put off from the fall to your building’s interior or exterior.

There’s an old saying about first impressions, and it tells a very true story in the biz world. Your company’s success depends on you putting the best image forward for your organization, and your best image hinges on it looking great.

Cracks in the walls, old paint jobs deteriorating (possibly with older paint jobs showing through) and corrosion are all the kind of ‘adornments’ that can turn off consumer eyes. Using “it’s an industrial plant” is not a good scapegoat either, so don’t think you can brush it off.

The good news is that a lot of interior work from Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services can begin now, as well as some exterior work, with the latter ramping up as we get into better temperatures.

So be aware of what needs to be done, and start booking your consult with an expert from Carlson now, as you get your new year started.


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As the winter season brings us into the holidays, the staff at Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services would like to take a moment to thank its customers for a fantastic 2014 year.

2015 is going to bring a lot of excitement to Winnipeg and we’re looking forward to starting the year off with a bang.

From all of us to all of you, happy holidays!


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It’s never a good story when an older building collapses, but when the damage could have been prevented with proper upkeep it just makes the story worse.

Such was the case in New Orleans just a couple weeks ago, when a 200-year-old-plus building collapsed. Fortunately, no one was a victim of the damage.

As described in an article on, there were facets of the building that weren’t properly secure, as pieces of the exterior had already detached.

“Neighbors note that the collapsed building’s exterior appeared ‘decrepit’ leading up to the incident,” the article stated. “Its back portion had missing clapboards, cracks and open windows, reports say.”

This has served as an important reminder for New Orleans of the fragile nature of their older structures, and should also be an important lesson for us to learn in Winnipeg. The importance of having a certified and professional company looking after your building’s restoration projects.

Whether you’re looking for work on a heritage building or your facility is newer, count on Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services for your building facade work. Our track record in Winnipeg and across Manitoba for abrasive blasting and additional services speaks for itself.

To learn more, contact Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services today.

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In the 75 years that the Carlson Group has been painting and otherwise working on the appearance of commercial and industrial centres in Winnipeg and across Manitoba, we’ve seen a lot of projects that we’re proud to have put our stamp on.

Carlson 75th AnniversaryThe lineage of Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services dates all the way back to the infancy of The Carlson Group, where we were a small, family business that set out to change the Winnipeg business landscape through the professional touch. We can now look back on those 75 years and say with pride that we have lived up to our promise.

To everyone that has been part of our history, we thank you for business. This is a special anniversary that few companies in Winnipeg reach and we couldn’t have done it without you.


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Like our new look? We thought you might!

Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services has updated the look of our website and over the coming weeks you will continue to see expansion of our presence on the web.

Today we’re unveiling our new view, which features improved navigation and easy viewing for all of our visitors.

Soon, we will be adding a full database of all services we provide for Commercial and Industrial customers throughout Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

The new look of is part of a rebranding that our company has undergone as part of The Carlson Group, and starting tomorrow at BOMEX on the tradeshow floor, you’ll be able to see more live and in person.

Come visit us at the show to speak with our representatives

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