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Protective Coatings and Abrasive Blasting

xformer blastingFrom surface cleaning to protection, Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services has you covered.

Our featured services include:

Protective Coatings

When it comes to protecting your building from the elements, nothing is as effective as a high performance coating from Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services.

Our projects in Winnipeg commercial services have included buildings highly succeptable to extreme conditions like parkades, to areas exposed to high levels of water like swimming pools. The coatings that Carlson utilizes on these projects are of the highest quality and come from only the top brands in the commercial services industry. Among these coatings are intumescents, which acts as a fire protection substance.

Abrasive Blasting

Also known as sandblasting, abrasive blasting is a method to smooth or shape a surface or remove its contaminants. This process is essential in ensuring coatings bond permanently to any surface.

Carlson has provided abrasive blasting services in Winnipeg for a variety of companies and locations. From historical buildings in the Exchange District to footbridges and other projects, we have helped numerous businesses in Winnipeg and Manitoba improve the look of their buildings.

One of the keys with sandblasting is knowing how important it is to be properly trained and safe. If not done properly, sandblasting can cause eye and lung irritation, damage to the skin and other injuries. As such, we at the Carlson Group ensure that the staff we hire are elite in their fields. We put worker safety at the forefront, ensuring that the protective gear they wear is high grade and that they are well trained on proper methods.